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Discussion in 'Rules' started by IntenseRaids, May 4, 2018.

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    IntenseRaids Player Rules


    The rules are subject to change based on situational events where players find loopholes or staff decide to make an addition or removal. All changes the the rule sheet and player conduct sheet will be mentioned in the changelog below and announced to the server. However, it is also a part of player responsibility to check up on the rules daily for any changes or take initiative and ask staff members.


    Upon playing on the server, you are entered into an agreement that you have read the rules and understand its full scope of punishments that can be enacted on you for player misconduct.

    Chat Rules

    Do Not Spam or Flood the Chat

    - Sending repetitive messages in chat that cause a nuisance.
    - Promoting spam.


    “Whoever says ‘hi’ first will get $5,000!”
    - Excessively sending a player small amounts of money to clog their chat.

    1 Warning
    30 Minute Mute
    3 Hour Mute


    - Mentioning a server name other than IntenseRaids.
    - Indirect advertising


    “HappyCraft is a good server, I play there sometimes!”

    - Promoting your Youtube, Twitch, or personal channel.
    - Your channel content must contain IntenseRaids or approved by MoFarah.

    1 Warning
    1 Hour Mute
    24 Hour Ban
    1 Week Ban
    Global Ban


    - Using any offensive word related to a specific race is punishable
    - Do not argue with any staff members saying that your choice of words is “accepted” because you partake in a certain race or provide any other excuse that justified you using it. It is not allowed.

    1 Hour Mute
    24 Hour Ban
    Global Ban

    Disrespecting Staff

    - We expect all players to respect our staff members, as staff would respect them, and behave in a respectful manner no matter the situation. If you believe their actions were not appropriate, you can always report them on the forums or message Satanofcheese on our communication platforms (Website, Discord, Enjin, In-Game)
    -It is highly advised not to provoke a staff member to ban you or mute you. It will be considered as an act of aggression and count towards disrespecting staff.

    30 Minute Mute

    Excessive Use of Toxic or Violent Language

    - Although trash talking is allowed on the server, we do not tolerate it when it is constantly used by players. This rule is very lenient unless broken excessively.

    - Saying someone is bad at PvP or raiding is part of factions, but do not send threats.


    “Kill yourself, drink bleach, you’re a faggot.”

    1 Warning
    1 Hour Mute
    1 Day Mute
    1 Week Mute


    - Do not hackusate in chat. Report the player and the staff team will be notified. Remember to take adequate screenshots, videos, or any evidence of another player hacking. Post a report on the forums if no staff are available.


    Type /msg MoFarah hahaman123 is hacking!, killaura!! Staff tp tp

    1 Warning
    1 Direct Warning
    1 Hour Mute

    Impersonation/False Claims to Be a Staff Member

    - Do not set your nickname or use an alternate account to copy a staff member or well known player’s name.
    - Giving a staff member a false description of a situation intentionally will result in a 15 day ban.

    1 Direct Warning
    1 Hour Tempban
    15 Day Ban
    Permanent Ban

    Using /nick for inappropriate usage

    - Using your /nick perms to have similarities to a well known player, previous player, a staff member, a youtuber, anyone besides your original minecraft username (or if you want to expose your real name) will be punishable.

    1 Warning
    Permanent removal of nick permission

    DDoS Threats

    - Threatening someone using DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack), on any communication platform will land you a permanent ban. (Website, Server, Discord)

    Permanent Ban

    Asking for items from any staff member that has the ability to give away spawned items will result in a mute.



    You: Give me some free money because I donated 5 times.

    You: Can you please give me a key so I can get more items?

    1 Warning
    1 Day Mute
    5 Day Mute
    15 Day Mute

    Faction Rules

    20 Chunk Buffer

    - Your faction claims must not be more than 20 chunks from the base wall on each side.
    - Any faction found with more than 20 chunks will be subject to punishment

    1 Direct Warning to Faction Leader
    Forced Unclaims
    7 Day Temporary Ban

    Abusing Server Bugs

    - If you abuse any server bugs that include duplication of money, items, or anything related to a server error, you will be punished.
    - If reported to higher-ups, you will be rewarded.

    Permanent Ban

    Naming items to False Names

    - If you name a IRNOTE that’s a gold kit to something like “gold rank” or anything misleading, you will be punished. Also, do not flood the AuctionHouse with useless items.
    - No more than 15 listed items by the same user in the AuctionHouse
    - You will also be asked to remove the item off AuctionHouse

    1 Warning
    1 Day Temporary Ban
    7 Day Temporary Ban
    30 Day Temporary Ban

    Ban/Mute Evasion

    - Being muted on another account and mute evading on an alternative account will land you with a longer punishment.
    - If you were punished on another account and you try ban evading on an alternate account, you will be punished.

    Longer Mute
    Ban (Depending on how long the mute was)


    - Anything that involves a client, xray, killaura, etc. If you admit to hacks before a screenshare, you will have a shorter sentence.
    - If you are caught using the hacked client on the server, you will be receiving a 30 day ban from the server.
    - You can not be banned for having a hacked client in your folders and not loaded in the game during the screenshare, but you will have to delete your hacked clients at the end of the screenshare.
    - Any clients modified within 24 hours of the screenshare will result in a 15 day ban.
    - Any GHOST clients found will be a 30 day ban, injected or not.
    - Any clients hidden in MODS will result in a 30 day ban.

    15 Day Temporary Ban
    Permanent Ban


    - You may scam anything item related on IntenseRaids, but you cannot scam anything with the involvement of real life currency.
    - In real life trading is not allowed, if you are scammed, we cannot give you your money back so we highly discourage even attempting to trade with IRL money.

    Permanent Ban

    Cobble Monster

    - Ban will be carried out depending on the size and damage of the cobble monster
    - Cobble Monstering is not allowed ANYWHERE on IntenseRaids.

    1-15 Day Temporary Ban

    Disclosing Private/Personal Information

    - Do not give away another player’s personal information.
    - If you are thinking of releasing private/personal information, please speak with the player beforehand.
    - If you are discovered, you will be punished accordingly.
    - Another form of this is called doxing. (ex. Exposing Facebook, Instagram, social media, address, real name, location, etc.)


    “MoFarah lives on the moon on 345 street” Permanent Ban

    Permanent Ban
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