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Here is the post you've all been waiting for.. Season 8. Yes, Season 7 has been trash and it's been 100% my fault. I'm still glad to see people are still rooting for IntenseRaids and there's still players online.

As many of you guys know, I took a break. I'm not going to get too much into detail, but I was basically just getting too much stress from Minecraft after failing this community for Season 7. After 3-4 weeks, my head is now cleared and I have a clear vision for IntenseRaids.

People have been saying "server is dead", "Aventon quit" , "He's selling the server.". Well, guess what, I'm here for the IntenseRaids as long as there are still players, no matter how little.

I've renewed our server machine for 1 year (30% off every month because of black friday). That means IntenseRaids will be around for another year whether you like it or not.

(HERBERGEMENT OVH INC is the hosting company)

Season 7 is ending and Season 8 is coming! This season, I will not rush any new features for the reset. I know that December is the month that everyone loves playing Minecraft due to days off of school and Christmas!

Our Release Date: December 2nd 1:00PM EST

As you know, our player base is in shambles right now (we have 30 players if we get lucky). Every release gets around 100 players, but I am definitely not expecting that many players this release. My plan for IntenseRaids is to release with a brand new season and get sorted out with all the glitches and bugs. Once we have a stable server again with no crazy game-breaking bugs, I will start rolling out the advertisements. If you stick with us, you'll see how our player base will rise again.

Slowly, but surely.

How Season 8 is Unique:
Problem: People wait weeks and...

I'm selling it... YAA YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. That's what all the haters would love to hear, but ya boi is not selling it.

Like many people, I needed a break. I mean a vacation. Minecraft was getting too stressful and was taking a huge toll on my daily life. I've been operating this server alone for 1 year straight and doing the same tasks every single day for hours and hours.

I'm not going to lie, I was really going to quit Minecraft, forever. There's so much to life than just sitting at home every single day and spending hours replying to people, fixing bugs, and improving the server. For the past few weeks, I tried something different with my life by vlogging it and doing new things. You can see my vlog channel here.

But, when I saw that people were still donating, messaging me on discord, posting new forums, and still playing on the server, I couldn't just leave you guys. No matter how small our community has gotten, I've said several times that I won't quit on IntenseRaids until it's for the best.

I've thought long and hard for the past few days. What should I do with IntenseRaids? Should I continue the season? Should I reset in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Should I eat a bigmac?

I want to let you guys decide. Just for a warning, if you're here to stay, we're not going to blow up any time soon. We won't have the 100 players we used to have in a few days, it'll take a few months. If you're here for the ride, I promise it'll be worth it at the end.

(Please remember that a lot of people are saying the economy is already fucked due to bugs and dupes)

Option 1
Continue with the same season with messed up economy, provide updates, very slowly gain back a good playerbase.

1. Easy to budget and not a lot...
Announcement I'm back?
Hey everyone!!!

Many of you guys may know that I've been offline for around a week. I'm not going to bullshit anyone and say something happened in my life that needed my immediate attention. Here's the reason why:

I just needed a break.

Yes, I needed a break from minecraft and the community as a whole. I needed a break at possibly the worse timing (in the start of the season). Obviously, our release didn't go too well, our player base has been significantly lower, and I've been a laughing stock by many players.

Where are we heading to?
It doesn't mean that I'm quitting IntenseRaids. I've promised I'll never give up on this community and I'm sticking with it. I just needed time to figure out where I wanted to take this server. Whether to grow slowly, or risk over-expansion by making it a full blown professional network.

I'm still kind of iffy on where I want IntenseRaids to go, but I'll learn along the way. Give me a few more hours to settle into the scene, and I'll reply to everyone's Discord messages.

Glad to be back.

Things that I'm aware of:

1. Blackmarket not being added.
2. Creepers not working.
3. FTOP Prizes.
4. FTOP being buggy.
Re-release Date: Sunday October 29 @ 12PM EST

If you guys didn't watch my stream, you can view it when it's uploaded. I'll link it right here.

I know I messed up on this reset due to the multiple crashes and bugs there were on the server.

Here's a few:
1. Permission system was not working at all.
2. All the warps were completely messed up and killed a lot of people.
3. Keys weren't giving the correct spawners.
4. Fly wasn't working for factions.
5. Vote wasn't working like intended.

I was neglecting all the easy stuff while worrying and working on all the harder stuff. Changing up the economy, adding new plugins, changing the way IntenseRaids runs, all that juicy stuff. I left out the essentials and the backbone of the server.

Again, I'm truly sorry. This is been my worst reset yet, even though I've been promising myself that this was going to be one of the best.

I'm going to be fixing every bug in the meantime and resetting the server back to it's normal state. I will also be asking people on discord to test some bugs with me before release so be on the look out.

I assure you that this re-release will be stable and fully functional. You have my word. I'm not saying I won't encounter bugs (they will always be bugs), but it won't be as dramatic.

What happens to all the donations within the first hours?
Will be refunded.

What happens to everyone claims, items, and drops?
Will be reset. I know this is why everyone is angry, but it wasn't fair due to the glitches that happened. Many people didn't have access to their permissions, many people died of random stuff, and many people just couldn't even play.

When is the update...
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