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Re-release Date: Sunday October 29 @ 12PM EST

If you guys didn't watch my stream, you can view it when it's uploaded. I'll link it right here.

I know I messed up on this reset due to the multiple crashes and bugs there were on the server.

Here's a few:
1. Permission system was not working at all.
2. All the warps were completely messed up and killed a lot of people.
3. Keys weren't giving the correct spawners.
4. Fly wasn't working for factions.
5. Vote wasn't working like intended.

I was neglecting all the easy stuff while worrying and working on all the harder stuff. Changing up the economy, adding new plugins, changing the way IntenseRaids runs, all that juicy stuff. I left out the essentials and the backbone of the server.

Again, I'm truly sorry. This is been my worst reset yet, even though I've been promising myself that this was going to be one of the best.

I'm going to be fixing every bug in the meantime and resetting the server back to it's normal state. I will also be asking people on discord to test some bugs with me before release so be on the look out.

I assure you that this re-release will be stable and fully functional. You have my word. I'm not saying I won't encounter bugs (they will always be bugs), but it won't be as dramatic.

What happens to all the donations within the first hours?
Will be refunded.

What happens to everyone claims, items, and drops?
Will be reset. I know this is why everyone is angry, but it wasn't fair due to the glitches that happened. Many people didn't have access to their permissions, many people died of random stuff, and many people just couldn't even play.

When is the update...
Announcement Giveaway!
How to fill out the form (Required)
1. For full name write your in-game name for Minecraft. DO NOT PUT YOUR REAL NAME!
2. For e-mail, write your e-mail address.


$20 PayPal
3 x 15$ buycraft coupons
2 x 10$ buycraft coupons
1x Rare Reset Package

Winners will be picked by our release on October 28 @ 1PM EST.


How to Enter:
In order to enter, subscribe to my YouTube Channel, follow IntenseRaids on Twitter, and retweet the status.

You can also get additional entries by watching the trailer, and signing up on our forums.

Good luck everyone!
Announcement Season Ending Party!
As many of you may know, IntenseRaids is ending its 6th season tomorrow at 3PM EST! (October 21, 2017).

I'm going to be hosting a party and live streaming on my youtube channel one hour before we close it off for one week!

Party Start: 2PM EST

What's inside the party?
I'm planning on doing some crazy stuff! Dropping ranks, making the spawn griefable, giving random people OP, creative mode, all that good stuff. Get ready to blow up the server :).

When does FTOP get calculated?
I will be taking a screenshot at exactly 1PM. Make sure you have your spawners in your faction territory before that. Whoever is on 1-3 FTOP at 1PM for both normal and ce server, those will be the winners. No Exceptions.

When does the party end?

I'm guessing around 3PM, but it can be more or less depending on what we're doing. It's going to be fun :).

When does the next season start?
Read this post carefully so you have the most information for next map!

Hello everyone! It's that time of the season (the end of the season), that I announce the release date and some details of the next map! Every season on IntenseRaids lasts around 2 - 2.5 months to bring more action packed gameplay.

When the server closes: October 21, 2017 (3:00PM EST)
We will have an end of the season party where I drop ranks and coupon codes for next season and livestream some fun minigames on my youtube channel. My channel can be found here.

When the next map starts: October 28, 2017 (1:00PM EST)
I will be doing a drop party 1-2 hours after the reset starts. Be there!

What is going to be removed?
Bases, inventories, playervaults, balances, almost everything.

What is going to be staying?
Only ranks and things you've received from an IRNote.

Why the reset?
It's nearing the end of 2 months and our server has fallen to 40 players max. That was good considered good a couple of seasons ago, but we need to gain back our player base. It's not common to have a player drop at the end of the season, so don't worry.

Also, we have some terrible lag on our normal factions server. It involves some things that can't be fixed without a reset.

What's going to be in next map?
As far reached as it may sounds, I want IntenseRaids to be one of the top faction networks in the future. It may take a while to get there, but I'm sure we can pull it off with @Opting on our team.

What we have done to make raiding easier:
1. Removed Regens on the server.
2. No water protection for spawners.
3. Creeper eggs can be placed on spawners.
4. Schematica Mod is functional.
5. TNT is way easier to get, drops from creepers + low prices on shop.

What we are doing to bring more PVP:
1. Blackmarket NPC that will sell essential exclusive items that shop will not have. PVP will be enabled...
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