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Hello everyone! September is now over and we are now heading into October!

Thank you everyone that has voted for us in the past month. If you are the top 3 voters for September, be sure to message me on discord for your giftcards!

Here is an image of this month's top voters.

... and September's top donator is Deadstock32! He will be receiving a buycraft voucher of $100! All top donators of every month have been receiving $100 buycraft vouchers. It seems like HotdogJr is on track for the next top donator, haha.

In other news,
I've purchased a VPS outside of IntenseRaids and mirrored our server there. I did this in order to work on updates on the server while our real server is up and running. That means I won't have to take down the server for 1-2 hours for an update (sometimes I might still have to for other reasons).

I also have plans of buying a storage server so we can transfer hourly backups there instead of daily backups on our local machine. This may help on times where we have to rollback the server due to a huge bug or exploit. Instead of the latest backup (24 hours), it'll be to the nearest hour.

Thank you guys for playing IntenseRaids! Our next update should be this Friday!

(I've also been a little busy and know that I have heaps of messages on Discord. I'll be sure to answer them when I have time.)
Announcement WE GOT HACKED!?!?!?!
Okay calm down, not a big deal LOL.

Nothing was affected on the main server, damage was only done to the hub. Don't worry, you guys are safe.

So while installing bungee, I forgot one crucial plugin that didn't allow anyone to log in the server without connecting through the proxy. With this, people are able to connect straight into the server with a cracked account (Aventon). They basically blown up hub and banned a few people.

and yeah thats it.

I'm fixing it right now, but I also want to finish the Custom Enchants server too. I'll be working all night so we can release everything together tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for sticking by IntenseRaids, I'll see you soon.
Announcement Maintenance
Server going down to add our new custom enchants server.

We will be online at 2PM EST FRIDAY.

Check back here for updates.
Announcement Custom Enchants Server
Hello IntenseRaids!

Due to the high support and feedback of adding another server modeled after Season 2, we are planning to release it this Friday at 2PM EST! The server will be going down in the morning at approximately 6:00AM for maintenance.

This custom enchant server isn't going to be enabled to everyone. For now, we are only allowing people with ranks on the server to test it out. This is going to be called a "beta" season, where we find bugs, glitches, and add more stuff into the game. This "beta" season will last 1-3 weeks depending on how many stuff we can fix and add. At the end of "beta", we will hand out $150 buycraft to the top faction in the custom enchants server. (Don't worry, the real FTOP prize won't be buycraft).

So whats changing?
Nothing, really. We're just adding another server to IntenseRaids. The original server will still be here and it'll be labeled "Normal Factions". The only thing that's changed would be your login process. Everyone will have to go through a hub and choose which server you want to enter.

What's going to happen to the original server?
Absolutely nothing. We will still be maintaining our original server (it's still our main server at the moment), and provide updates bi-weekly. The new server won't impact it at all.

What about our ranks?
All ranks, tags, commands, etc are going to be reset. Why? Since we have a new server, we need to keep it up somehow. Donations keep this server running and if we don't have enough donations for the machine, website, plugins, builds or advertisements, then our server won't grow. Adding this custom enchant server is for our server to expand into a network and grow together. Also, we will be having different ranks, crates, etc for the new server so it wouldn't match up with our current one.

The staff team, most people of the community, including myself have agreed that this is the best option for the server....
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