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What happened?

As many of you may know, if you are the top faction on IntenseRaids by the end of the season, you will be paid out $300 in real life. Yes, real cash. We've been doing this for 2 seasons and have paid out each time.

What's so different this time?

This time I have not paid out the FactionsTop prize. Before you go crazy saying I'm a scammer, liar, false advertisers, bigmac eater, etc. Let me explain.

Last map was great, we hit 100 players, we had constant donations, and there was more competition than other maps. The top faction at the end of the map was Narcotic.

Normally, I would have paid them 1 week after Season 6's release, however, Narcotic had been causing so much trouble from the last map, many people actually decided to message me NOT to hand out the factionstop prize to them (attachments below). They were involved in exploits, threats to the server, out of control toxicity, and gave the staff team and me a very hard time.

We don't like to promote toxicity at IntenseRaids, especially people who don't respect the staff team or me. Why would we want to pay $300 to people who made IntenseRaids a living hell for some people?

Here's some points that the community and the staff team pointed out to me:
1. Pup transferred ownerships right before he got blacklisted from the server.
2. They caused significant problems in the last map causing a lot of players to quit.
3. Nezus has threatened the server including myself (I let him off, but that's a perma ban).
4. Racist remarks coming from many of the members. EVEN AFTER THE SEASON ENDED.
5. Constant abuse to server's staff team and its players
6. Abuse of multiple exploits and never reporting them until it was too late.
.. and many more.

Q: So where did the money go?
A: The FactionsTop money did not go to my bank account or anywhere else. I used the money in benefit of the server, paying off the new website, new plugins, builds, and advertising...
Announcement New Website
If you're looking at this thread, then that means you're already experiencing the new website!

Everything is still fresh at the moment and there's going to be many more features added. This is just the base of the website.

Some cool stuff we'll have:
1. Live voting stats (top voters, vote links, votes per player).
2. Live faction stats (factionstop value, leader, members, claims, etc.).
3. Live player stats (shows blocks placed, players killed, etc.).
4. Mobile Responsive.
5. Well managed forums.
6. Less laggy website.
7. Achievements for users.
8. Xenforo and minecraft link.
Announcement McMMO Cap List
Many of you have been asking for the list of the MCMMO limits on IntenseRaids. Remember that MCMMO has been disabled in PVP due to unfair battling. We have specifically picked out the caps for MCMMO and will be addressing the limits here:

Cap - 300

Cap - 500

Cap - 500

Cap - 500

Cap - 1000

Cap - 750

Cap - 200

Cap - 500

Cap - 500

Cap - 500

Cap - 300

Cap - 500

Effective Immediately on August 23rd, 2017

IntenseRaids is now part of the RaidArc, LLC network. RaidArc, LLC is a registered company owned by me that manages all my businesses and income. A registered company means IntenseRaids is now under an official form of business under government documentation. Yes, we are a real business.

What does this mean for us?
It just shows that IntenseRaids is here to stay and will be for a long time. (I wouldn't drop money to create a company for IntenseRaids just for it to die). When you are purchasing some IntenseRaids, you will be sending your money to a real company, just like how you would be sending money to Apple, McDonalds, etc.

What changes will there be?
All credit card purchases will be under "RaidArc, LLC" and not "IntenseRaids". Same thing applies for all other purchases.

What does this do for you?
Owning a company is mainly to document my taxes at the end of the year. Yes, I pay taxes for IntenseRaids. We generate a stable income every month and I've decided to make IntenseRaids into an official business.

We are not affiliated with Mojang; any purchases for IntenseRaids will be directed to RaidArc, LLC.
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