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  1. Lightspeed
    Lightspeed Aventon
    When the reset hits can you not get rid of mcmmo levels?
    1. Aventon
      Sorry, we will always reset McMMO levels with resets.
      Oct 18, 2017 at 2:35 AM
    2. Lightspeed
      I am moving servers then because I don't want what I have been grinding so hard for to be reset every month.
      Oct 18, 2017 at 5:06 PM
    3. Aventon
      We reset every 2-3 months depending on the economy. Generates faster game play and top players get their $300 faster.
      Oct 18, 2017 at 9:18 PM
  2. Hexxferret
  3. Hafkraft
    Hafkraft Snap
    Hey snap why did you block me on discord? Oh wait because you don't want to get demoted for false banning me, right?
  4. Hafkraft
    Hafkraft Aventon
    Can you check my thread I posted Averton
  5. Hafkraft
    I needed help bc i was lagging and got DHSvarsity and she helped me, then she tpaed daddysnap to her and he banned both of us
  6. Hafkraft
    for "xray", which I was mining spawners. not ores.
  7. Hafkraft
    me and don where banned for no reason
  8. Grumps_PvP
    Grumps_PvP Aventon
    This server is extremely toxic.The lack of staff contributes to the toxicity.This server really has potential,but lots of people here are ^^^^^
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    2. Grumps_PvP
      Sep 27, 2017
    3. Aventon
      thought you were going to go grammar police and say "you're"
      Sep 27, 2017
    4. Grumps_PvP
      i hates grammar
      Sep 28, 2017
  9. Hafkraft
    Discord: Hafkraft#4474
  10. Vangrollioli
  11. DemonicEclipse
    When I get banned because of bullsh** that wasn't even my fault and now I ajve tk wait a month god damn I started to like this server to...
    1. DemonicEclipse
      I really think he should be unbanned he did nothing wrong and really want to be apart of the server community.... and from the looks of it he didn't refuse he kept getting kicked for flying.
      Sep 24, 2017
    2. DemonicEclipse
      Sep 24, 2017
  12. dion-FIREBIEM2003
    dion-FIREBIEM2003 Snap
    Hey snap i got a rec of a view killaura hackers on your server please let me know if i can send it to toy
  13. dion-FIREBIEM2003
    dion-FIREBIEM2003 Aventon
    sorry i post anoter time i wanded to ask if you have Skype i can give you a video ware you can see that thare are a few killaura hackers on your server oh end am i am from the Netherlands it maby be possible that you cant understand the oudio
    1. Aventon
      Report it on the forums, not on my profile.
      Sep 21, 2017
  14. Moosebobby
    If you are looking to join Drastia, Pm me on here or in game. Thank you
  15. ryan eguchi
    ryan eguchi
    MC name Deadstock32
  16. Vangrollioli
    Can't catch me I'm the ginger bread man!
  17. dion-FIREBIEM2003
    dion-FIREBIEM2003 Aventon
    hey Aventon i got a question about today the server ses every time i join loging in for five minutes en then it ses timed out or someting just like that wat would i do now ?
    1. Aventon
      Server is back online. It was due to our restart script not running properly.
      Sep 11, 2017
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  18. shinpoo
    Ok it says 33 but im 14 dont be scared to come in my van :)
  19. Reg
    Check me out at RSRogue
  20. Drakmordis
    Message me and I will create your skin as an avatar.