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    This is going to be the first update for Beta. There will be 2 or 3 more updates though out the week to test various features out.

    New Features:
    I haven't gotten creative with the names yet, so it's just called KoTH for now. It's a two level system where cap points are located inside the cave AND on the tower. You must cap both points in order to win KoTH.

    Location: x: 5 , z:-191


    New Spawn:
    Nothing much, just added some dragons, enchantment tables, anvils, and crates.


    New Shop:
    Organized and made /shop look a lot better. Some items have also been relocated to other sections in the shop. Nothing has been taken out so if the item you are looking for aren't there, look in other sections.


    Website Stats
    There are now stats for dueling on the website! We plan to add ftop, voting, koth wins, and more in the future. You will have a personalized profile on the website based on in-game stats!


    1. Villager spawning is disabled.
    2. /feed is changed to every 5 minutes.
    3. Obsidian can be broken in 5 hits of tnt instead of 6 hits.
    4. McMMO removed from the game.

    1. Creeper eggs are now working.
    2. Sponges are now working properly.
    3. Enderpearl stack sizes from /shop now come in bundles, not separate.
    4. Throwing an enderpearl when there's a few seconds left won't reset the timer.
    5. Health now shows under usernames.
    6. Natural mobs no longer spawn.
    7. /sell all will sell everything in inventory (especially the top left box)
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