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    What's your in-game name? DivineSmiteWar

    What's your Discord username? Divine Thunder Smite Xeltage#3440

    What's your rank on IntenseRaids? NIL

    How long have you been playing IntenseRaids? NIL, quite new here but I dare say I'm quite experienced with faction servers.

    Why should you be apart of the beta squad?
    First time trying this server, I'm an enthusiast and I would really like to try out your server since it features factions and is considered quite hardcore. I've been playing Minecraft for 6 years and I'm always looking for some new servers to commit to after their shutdowns. I am able to commit every 5 days weekly and I am known to be quite creative and always willing to try out new stuff (esp when encountering bugs/exploits by chance).

    What experiences do you have as a factions player?
    Building a strong base
    Hybrid Slime Cannon skills
    8/10 PvP skills (Able to Strafe and used to play on Kohi)
    McMMO expert
    Experienced with many types of exploits
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