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Discussion in 'Staff Application' started by Aventon, Oct 23, 2017.

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    We take staff applications very seriously at IntenseRaids. We won't just take anyone, we won't just take someone that logged on the server for 3 minutes, and we won't just take you because you've been staff on 10 servers.

    Requirements to post an application:
    1. Registered for 3 days on the forums.
    2. Total posts of 25 on the forums.
    3. Total reactions of 5 on the forums.

    The application has very challenging questions that should be answered diligently. Don't bother submitting an application if you don't play IntenseRaids. You won't get the answers correct.

    Why do you want to be staff?
    1. Helping the IntenseRaids community grow.
    2. Perks and benefits for helping the server (buycraft coupons, discount codes, etc).
    3. New commands and freedom over the server.
    4. Beta testing, suggestions for new updates, priority messages to me.

    Good luck.
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